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Interstellar design

UX/UI design, Web and Native App develeopement.

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Spaceout Blog

Luke Celitan
category: project, reading time: 1 min

#Very onw blog based on ghost.js framework.

Spaceoutblog is based on customised casper theme, which I have developed futhermore, to include serviceworker.js, added support for more icons and other changes.

If you enjoy reading about some of this IT and webdev stuff, I would like to invite you for more reading to, if you know polish of course. I will try to include more “post” like entries on, as I plan to develop this website in more international fashion.

I have personally choosen the ghost.js framework for my blog, as I continue to step away from php tech and more and more into node.js territory, I found that ghost.js is no match for wordpress in the terms of speed, elegance, clarity and out of the box features.

If you are looking for publishing platform, ghost.js is your safest and prettiest looking bet out there.