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Projekt Mowa

Luke Celitan
category: project, reading time: 1 min


Projekt mowa is a blog app. The website is mainly designed to boost logopedy and radio voice practice business. The client wanted warm colors, clean and minimal layout. I have decided on a rather standard layout blog collection main landing page, with some soft white touches and orange accents. Typography and article layout optimized for content delivery, with Roboto as the main body font and Playfair Display for accented messages.







Roboto Bold


Roboto Normal


Roboto Light


Playfair Display Bold


Playfair Display Normal

Heading H1

Heading H2

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Desktop layout for projketmowa.plMobile layout for


Projekt Mowa app was fully customized build based on standard Gatsby stater template.
App written in React framework with NetlifyCMS which provides all the common rich text editing and still enables the website to use the jam stack technology. Front end theme was based on bulma.css project

This static web app is also equipped with service worker making in a fully downloadable app on the android phones (Progressive Web App). Website was deployed via Netlify service.