Kino plenerowe,

Free outdoors Warsaw cinema app

Wed Aug 22 2018

Kino Plenerowe is a hybrid graphQL, react SSR and wordpress app

This web app is my little side project I am doing with one of my copy writers associates. We gather information about free outdoor cinema events in Warsaw that happen during summer. Since there are many orginizers of these events and there is no central place where all of this information was presented, we have decided to fill in the void.


I have decided to use wordpress installation as backend for this service, as my copy writer friend was accustomed to this CMS. I was not also very keen on making own backend, since we established we going to use internet scrapper and then import the data via csv files into the website. Wordpress is very good on these kind of operations, and you do not have to rediscover the wheel.


Front end is a diffrent matter, a complete seperate react app, based on koa server, graphQL Apollo Client with redux. I have based the design of this app on the most known streaming service out there. I think this is one of the best and familliar ways to present information about movies.

We wanted to give the user the ability to store the list of cinema events, however since this is not really a commercial app and we were not interested in stroing users emails, profiles and so on, I have decided to use only the users local storage for this feature. This way, the user is able to make his won list without any type of logins and other type of auth service.

Designed and developed by

Ɓukasz Celitan

UX/UI design, Web and Native App develeopement. Contact for more information. 2019