How our apps are made ?

Creating an unforgettable web and app experience.

The most important part of creating a unique website is to know your customer. Clear focus on what you are trying to signal to the user.

At the beginning of every development and User Interface design, the utmost attention be paid to User research. Who are you are trying to impress, who are your most valuable clients? These and other End User questions are essential in order to be able to create a truly conversive and interactive website or app.

User Interface

These days almost every modern site is using some kind of prefabricated framework, which in reality translates to almost all the websites looking and feeling the same way. Making the user forget the website just seconds after they leave the page. At we try to combine the modern/standard, elegance approach with a twist on design, adding animations and high-quality original graphics, making sure that your end User sees something they have never seen before.

Web and app development.

After completing the first 2 steps of our development process, its time to choose the best platform or framework, tailored to your needs and budget.

Tools for building online shops (e-commerce), websites and platforms:


The most common web platform these days, sturdy like an ox and easily developed, with a lot of plugins out there, that can speed up the development process for more complicated functionalities. also offers the WordPress as CMS system, with React based front end. This is ideal for more complicated and interactive designs, without losing the WordPress back end well-established data processing abilities. All WordPress installations come with security, SEO and website speed optimization features.


A new player on the block. Based on the React ecosystem, is is ideal for people who will want to invest in fast, scalable and interactive websites. Highly adaptable to any backend service you may you be currently using. These websites are deployed with pure HTML files, so they are Ideal for companies with heavy SEO interests in mind. Gatsby.js websites provide Google speed ranking of 90-100 and can be deployed into almost any kind of server service.


Ideal for blogs, publishers, media companies and anyone who plans to run their page with content in mind(with a focus on the content). Ghost.js comes with beautiful and very fast CMS, full SEO features and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project) support.

React web and mobile Apps.

We follow best practices in the world of app development, which enables constructing of Web, iOS and Android software simultaneously. The result is an IT architecture marvel.. Based on node.js, react and react-native, brings all the pieces together under one roof for an ultimate digital product.

All apps and websites are secure, SEO friendly and built using the latest web technology.

Prices are individually set, depending on the client’s timetable, functionality and preferred technology stack. 2019