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Esbuild react typescript template

Luke Celitan
category: project, reading time: 2 min
Version License: MIT Twitter: spaceoutPL

Esbuild template with typescript, react, and tailwindcss


I’ve have been working with webpack for a very long time now, I am still using this solution for any proffesional (job) projects in my current employment, the fine grain control it gives its a very fundmanetal for web development process.

That being said, webpack with each iteration, with each new feature, niche bug fix is becoming slower and slower. You can definetly see this in large monolithic projects using typescript. Some time ago I have come across a esbuild bundler, the author promises to make webpack and other bundlers obsolete but is true ?

In reality esbuild is way faster than webpack, but less stable and less developed ecosystem around the bundler. It’s biggest tradeoff and source of speed is dropping the es5 support, it only supports bundeling with es6 therefore targeting the modern browsers.


While constructing this template I have challanged myself to fully recrate the standard webpack development cycle, with linters, typescript and hot module reloading. The hot module replacement was the main deal breaker for me, esbuild can rebuild the entire package fast, but there is no out of the box solution for hot relead, the devloper is forced to hit the refresh button on each file change. Since that is a big no go, in my opinion, the hot module replacement is the most important feature of the bundler setup. With pure esbuild (and not wanting anything from the webpack family), I was forced to look for some other solutions, unfortunately there are not many projects like this as webpack-dev-server seems to be a primary solution for this problem.

The truth is that the webpack ecosytem and stableness far outweighs the speed of esbuild. Hopefully with time the esbuild ecosystem will rise enough to provide the standard of DX that all the developers have currently with other more proffesional open source bundlers or frameworks.

You can get more info on esbuild here

Starter kit

React and Node.js template with esbuild, typescript, jest, testing libary, tailwind React and Node.js and Typescript with only esbuild packages, starter is still experimental however fully functional. Since i opted to drop all webpack and webpack family related packages the process of hooking up some kind of live reload proved to be the most difficult to achieve. Project uses “servor” package, it has a longer booting time than webpack-dev-server


  • Server (express)
  • Static React app with live reload
  • Tailwind css (postCSS, Autoprefixer)
  • Jest / react testing library
  • Typescript
  • Eslint, husky,

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