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Room reservation

Łeba spot

Luke Celitan
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This website has started out as a custom wordpress theme and wp installation, however as the seasons went by, I have decided to move the project to the next.js installation. It seemed as the right combintion between static pages and dynamic pages that require connection to various 3rd party APIs (like The obvious business requirements was creating a room reservation system that will not allow overbooking, double booking and a responsive admin panel so the owners can have control over their reservations whenever they want. The website also had to contain diffrent languages versions, in order to widen the audience of this mini hotel. The seo was a also a big factor in this build.

The design changed over the years, but in the end I have decieded upon a subtle elegant look in shades of black, grey and white. Lato (Sans Serif, did you know ? “Lato” means summer in polish) and Cormorant (Serif) fonts are being utilized as the main duo of typography set up. Thankfully owners could come up with Hotel pictures that mathed the tone of the website.

Website screen







Lato Bold


Lato Normal


Lato Light


Cormorant Bold


Cormorant Normal

Heading H1

Heading H2

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I have also decided to inlude current wheater api call so the user can see what he is actually missing. A fine detail that hopefully users can appreciate. I think it ties in nicley with the navbar and language picker, making a less borking but yest standard navbar.

Nav Bar

Other non standard but very important elements were the searchbar with filters and reservation calendar picker. The search back was constructed as sticky element that show it self on scroll back, optimising user room reservation search for the user. A custom calendar picker had also to be constructed bin order to show hafl booked days.

Developent: next.js, postgres, tailwindcss

Next.js is a framework that allows you to create a single page application. It is a lot more flexible than wordpress that helped me tie custom business rules with mentioned 3rd api intergartions. For this next.js dynamic and api capabielities were used, the next.js helps on this end a lot, providing also the in-house image optimalizastions features on the server side.

I have used the postgres database as the main backend database. Its a solid choice for verstile and scalable sql data storage.

On this project I have used the React and tailwindcss framework to create a responsive customer website and admin panel. I became quite fond of the tailwindcss framework as it is a great tool for quickly building responisve designs and achive great performance on css performance and overall bundle. Definately a framework I plan to keep on using.

Overall next.js is a great React framework for building a single page applications, however it is not without it faults. Rapid developement of next.js can bring troubles as core upgrades bring often many breaking changes and other bugs to already established instance. is a bed and breakfast property located by the polish bałtyk sea.